Professional quality images and

The Premier Horse

make marketing your horse a breeze!

If you've ever tried to sell a horse or advertise your stallion online, you know how frustrating it can be. The stringent guidelines in place on social media platforms make getting your horse in front of its target audience increasingly difficult. The Premier Horse ads are created with all of the relevant information for prospective buyers included on the image. These semi-custom ads are attractive, affordable, and most importantly, highly effective. As an affiliate, I am excited to now be able to do more to help you market your horse!

How it works:

Option 1:

Schedule an appointment with Christina Leach Photography and let me do all the work! I'll take quality images that best showcase your horse, next I'll team with up with The Premier Horse to design your sale advertisement and social media promotion (one month is included, with the option to purchase more until your horse sells.) You'll also receive a copy of the ad to use as you wish.

Option 2:

I do the photos, you do the advertising. This is a great option if you're not quite ready to market your horse. I will provide you with a The Premier Horse discount code exclusively for Christina Leach Photography clients to redeem at your convenience.

Option 3:

You do it all. Already have professional photos? That's great! You can access The Premier Horse directly and submit your own photos and information. Be sure to follow their guidelines to best represent your horse.

Still have questions?

No problem! Let's chat! Or, contact The Premier Horse directly.