Answers to your questions:

Why should I choose an equine photographer?

The bond between horse and rider can be hard to capture. It isn't seen or felt by everyone. Unless your photographer has equine experience, they can miss that moment of connection: the flick of an ear, the nuzzle, the soft look in the eye. They may not understand the best angles for capturing your horse's conformation or athleticism or the relationship you share. To truly capture the way you see your horse, it takes a fellow horseman who knows and appreciates your relationship with your equine partner.

Where are you based and do you travel?

Our rural location in Cassville, Missouri dictates lots of driving and I do occasionally travel farther than the surrounding areas. Please contact me for travel expenses.

How do I book a session?

Email me at or click the button below to choose the best date/time for your session. A deposit is required to save your date and a signed agreement is required before the start of your session.

What is the cost?

All sessions start at $200. Every session is customized to fit your needs, so prices will vary based on session time, locations, and package options. Digital files and prints start at $25.

What products do you offer?

Photo albums and canvases are the most popular. I also offer framed prints, loose prints, high resolution digital files, and much more...

Do I have to order through you?

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is delivering a finished heirloom product to you in the form or wall art. However I know some prefer to order their own prints, so I also offer high-resolution digital files with a print release for you to print at your favorite lab.

Why don't you include prints in your packages?

Oh, how I wish I could! But, the state of Missouri charges sales tax for prints. Therefore if I include prints with your session, I am forced to tax the entire amount. To best benefit you, I keep products and services separate.

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel special…formal or casual, show or work apparel. Layer and accessorize for a cohesive look. Avoid large logos, t-shirts, tennis shoes or flip-flops. Pinterest has lots of ideas and I have a style guide that will get you started. We can work together to create the look you're after. Gown rentals are also an option.

When will we get our photos?

Please allow three weeks for your photos to be professionally retouched and prepared for printing. Once the retouching process is complete, we will arrange a time to meet to view your proofs. If you are unable to meet in person, your images can be viewed in an online gallery.

Do you shoot families/weddings/collaborations/etc?

Sometimes. Let me know what you have in mind!

What will you do with your images?

Home is where you hang your heart...

Don't leave your memories on a hard drive! After your session, you will have access to a variety of beautiful art pieces, including photo albums, canvases, prints, and much more.


A popular choice for equestrians and seniors. This solid-surface canvas is durable and easy to clean. Traditional stretched canvases are also available.

Framed Prints

Hardwood frames Made in the USA, a traditional favorite with endless options!


8x8 photo album with rigid pages and multiple cover options. A great keepsake when you want lots of images!

Prints & Stand

Double-sided rigid prints (12 total) fit neatly in a wooden block. This is a popular gift item.

Prints and Products can be ordered through your online proofing gallery or by contacting me directly.


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