Hey there!

Are you searching for someone who understands the bond between you and your horse? Or, maybe you're a senior looking for someone to capture this AMAZING time in your life?

Either way, I'm so glad you're considering me to preserve your memories!

A little about me...

I was a typical horse-crazy girl, except I lived in town and we moved A LOT. I still remember the intense longing to have a horse of my very own and I think all those romanticized images in my mind of galloping in a lush pasture on a chestnut horse with four white socks and a blaze-face have never really left me... in fact, they sort of fuel my desire to create those moments in real life.

What about you?

What color was the horse in your dreams? Were you running through a field or at the NFR? What are your favorite high school memories? Who do you want to be in four years? Or ten? My goal is help make your vision a reality. I can't wait to get to know you more!

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