What you need to know before you buy...

We love all of our bunnies and want the very best home possible for them. Please know that when you purchase from us, you are committing to caring for your rabbit for many years. Rabbits are relatively easy pets but they still require proper nutrition, housing, and social stimulation/interaction and occasional veterinary care.

  • We highly recommend that you pick up your rabbit in person so that you can see and examine it yourself. We occasionally meet buyers in northwest Arkansas or southwest Missouri. Mileage fees may apply.
  • If transportation is required, it must be arranged by the buyer and approved by me. I will not send on transport that I do not feel is safe, reliable, or one that takes too long to reach your final destination.
  • Any rabbit that leaves our care is healthy to the best of our knowledge. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for rabbits that become sick after leaving our home. Please be sure you have everything in place to make the transition as stress-free as possible for your new pet.
  • Sex is not guaranteed for young/unproven rabbits. We try our best and have a good track record, but every once in a while a young rabbit might have a mistaken identity.
  • Show quality, breeding performance, personality, size, etc. is not guaranteed. We strive to produce rabbits that meet the ARBA standard and will offer our honest assessment of their potential, but no promises are made for their actual performance.
  • Generally our rabbits are mild mannered and loveable, but your pet bunny may not want to be held, it may scratch, it may even bite. Please use caution and handle them properly.
  • We sell our bunnies to those who we believe are the best fit. We can refuse their sale to anyone at any time. We are NOT "first come, first serve".
  • Sales are not final until full payment is received.