Hey there, grads!

I know these are crazy, uncertain times. Most of you don't know when or even if you will have a graduation ceremony. However, you WILL STILL GRADUATE even if you don't know when or where, which makes mailing announcements to your friends and family just as important as ever!

Here are a few ways to get those announcements ready without waiting until it's too late...

Be vague. Use this as an opportunity to announce your graduation, leaving off the time and location of your ceremony and celebration. If your ceremony hasn't been canceled, go ahead and include the details. You can add amendments, postponements, or cancellations on a separate card if needed. These cards can be enclosed with your announcements or mailed at a later date.

Text ideas for "change the date" cards:

  • New Date!
  • Hold Tight!
  • Here's the latest...
  • Pencil me in.
  • We're working on the details.
  • Save a new date!

Ordering your cards...

Printing companies around the US are closed which only adds to the uncertainty of the moment. I am privileged to have several amazing printing partners in different states. They have entered these "stay at home" orders at different times lasting for varying duration. So, this is the perfect time to start designing your cards! Once restrictions are lifted, we'll fast-track your order so your announcements will be ready to go!

Another Option...

I've also partnered with Basic Invite so you can design and order your own cards! Don't forget to use the discount code CMLPHOTO for extra savings! (at the time of this post, they are still open and shipping orders.)

Whether you order your graduation announcements through me or your own source, your sure to find one that can be customized to your style and school colors. Have fun creating and congratulations on this major accomplishment!

PS Don't forget to send thank you notes :)